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To achieve a more sustainable development model, there must be more and more people
about the social and environmental consequences of their actions and who are trained and motivated to work actively to achieve it.

Raising awareness has an increasing value in mobilizing and involving society, generating actions with a real impact.

The oceans also need a more informed society that has complete and accurate information, knows success stories and participates in decision-making. A society that is willing to change its behavior, organize itself, propose and implement solutions, and to present its demands to companies and governments.

Ecoalf Foundation focuses much of its action on raising awareness of the problem of marine litter and the opportunities of the circular economy to reduce the impact of our economic model on the oceans.

We are not only concerned about what planet we leave to future generations, but what generations we leave to the planet.

The Ecoalf Foundation always includes in its projects (Upcycling The Oceans; Clean Rivers Save Oceans) environmental education actions and dissemination of results aimed at a specific audience. But it also gives conferences around the world and participates in round tables, workshops, lectures and exhibitions for all audiences, including children.

If you want to count on us in your school, company or association, you can contact us here.