+1000 boats
+4,200 fishermen
+365 T/YEAR
+1,365 T SINCE 2015
71 ports

Upcycling the Oceans is the main project of the Ecoalf Foundation and undoubtedly the most ambitious; an unprecedented worldwide adventure that fights against marine litter with the help of the fishing sector. An initiative of international scope that was born in Spain in 2015 and since then has also been implemented in Thailand, Greece, Italy and France. Ecoalf Foundation is currently working on its expansion to other countries in the Mediterranean basin.

Meet our heroes


More than 4,200 fishermen collaborate daily with the project on a voluntary basis to recover the trash caught in their nets.


Waste is deposited in specific containers at the port and periodically transported to treatment plants for sorting.


The various selected materials are converted back into raw material. In particular, the plastic waste is transformed into flakes and pellets, ready for a new life.


Recycled marine debris has different applications. One example is the conversion of PET plastic into polyester yarn for use in the textile industry.

The objectives of Upcycling the Oceans are: to collaborate in cleaning up the oceans, to give a second life to recovered garbage and to raise awareness of the problem in order to prevent it.

Upcycling the Oceans has recovered more than 1,000 tonnes of trash from the seafloor since its origins in 2015



1 country
9 ports
23 tonnes


1 country
9 ports
54 tonnes


1 country
37 ports
114 tonnes


2 countries
42 ports
141 tonnes


2 countries
45 ports
153 tons


4 countries
47 ports
229 tonnes


4 countries
54 ports
324 tonnes


4 countries
69 ports
+1350 tons

The fishermen are the real heroes of this project. Every day they collect the garbage that is accidentally caught in their nets, take it to port and deposit it in specific containers to prevent it from being mixed with other waste streams. Periodically, this waste is transported to treatment plants where it is sorted to facilitate its subsequent recycling and conversion into new products.

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